Sunday, October 4, 2009

Life moves on:

And that doesn't always feel like a good thing...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Missionary Mom

*You hug your boss just because he's wearing a dark suit and tie.

*You sign a letter like this.....Sister Jane Doe MM to Elder John Doe, NLVW Mission2007-2009

*You shove an eldery Relief Society sister out of the way because she's about to take the last spot on the missionary dinner calendar.

*You spend $28 to overnight a camel tie to Reno, Nevada.

*Your family knows better than to eat any of the fresh cookies you made until after you've taken the "firstlings of the flock" out for your missionary.

*You chew out a stunned Elder after Sacrament Meeting because he hasn't written to his mother in 3 weeks and then email his mom to tell her you've taken care of the situation.

*Sicknes, sleet, snow, earthquakes or even a free meal couldn't stop you from sitting in front of the computer on P-day.

*Hearing the song CALLED TO SERVE makes your face leak.

*You invite salesmen in when they knock on your door(and then make them a hot dinner).

*You meet a new missionary and immediately look at his name badge to see if you know his Mom from the Missionary Mom’s group so you can whip out an email to his mother.

*You pay $70.00 to overnight a pan of Chicken Enchiladas to Pennsylvania just because your precious son told you on Mother’s Day that he misses your enchiladas.

*You spend $42.00 to send a box of Captain Crunch to Vancouver.

*You drive 3 miles out of your way to buy gas that is 3 cents a gallon cheaper but you think nothing of spending $8.50 to mail 24 cookies to Las Vegas.

*You cried for days after dropping him off at the MTC because you miss him so and then you cry again after getting notification of his release flight information because you know you’ll miss him being on a mission.

*The people who work at the post office know you by name.

*You clean the post office out of large sized flat rate boxes.

*Any time you see two young men in white shirts and ties walking down the street your heart jumps a bit and you honk and wave only to discover it just happens to be two businessmen instead.

*You make Christmas stockings, Valentine's gifts and Easter baskets for the missionaries in your ward hoping that if you take care of them, that someone else will be taking care of your missionary.

*If you don't get an email on P-day you become incredibly grumpy and others best steer clear of you. If they ask what's wrong, you cry, "I DIDN'T GET A LETTER FROM MY MISSIONARY!"

*When your missionary gets transferred the first thing you do is GoogleEarth his or her new address and pray there is a "street view."

*You watch the Called to Serve video every few months because you miss your missionary and feel like you just need a good cry.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mixed feelings

I received Westlee's mission release information in the mail today. I really thought I would be ecstatic, but as I read it I was overcome with sadness. I know he doesn't want this chapter in his life to come to an end so I feel nervous and sad for him, but I don't won't this wonderful thing to come to an end either. I've been on the receiving end of SO many blessing from his service. I know life has to press on, but my reaction has come as a complete surprise.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Rabid Primary Class

Wow...I've taught hundreds of primary lessons but NEVER no NEVER have I ever taught a class like I subbed for yesterday. What's a good adjective??? Hmmm...VILE? RABID? DEMONS? was baaaaaaaad.

Friday, December 5, 2008

This year for Christmas

I spoke at our church women's meeting last night and my subject was THE GREATEST GIFT. I thought I would share this gut wrenching poem here:

This Year for Christmas

Shiny gifts have lost their glitter.
I think I understand.
Christ’s birth should be celebrated
By giving him two hands.

I’ll spend more time in the temple.
I’ll spend time reading his word.
I will serve more humbly
And pray that my faith is stirred.

My head is bowed more frequently
My tears are quick to run.
I’ve put my faith in God this year.
I’m giving Christ my son.

The hands I washed, the hands I held
The hands I taught to pray;
Now knock on doors to find the ones
Who will listen to what he’ll say.

I wonder how Lamanite mothers
Gave their sons to war?
Or how pioneers faced hardships
They sacrificed so much more.

My loss will be his presence.
His dimple, his laugh, his fun.
For two years we will pray for him
I’m giving Christ my son.

Because I know Christ needs him.
Until all the gathering’s done.
My gift has taken years to make.
This year…I’m giving Christ my son.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

One follower... pathetic is that?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A BIG hello to Marilyn...ole buddy ole pal!

A certain long haired messenger told me that a little birdie told her I should update my blog more often. So I shall...

Is it OBSESSION or HOBBY? You make the call.
I have narrowed my sites on a certain rubber stamp called the Unity Tree Stamp. I will use it for scrapbooking. Unity is an online company that carries this certain stamp that has tickled my fancy. Every Thursday they put on some really great online sales so I waited all last week in hopes that this particular tree stamp would be on sale. Ok, so I was sitting in my office last Thursday conducting a job interview. I asked the applicant some of the usual questions when suddenly all I heard was, “blah blah blah blah blah….” I found myself thinking, “Hmmm, I wonder if there are only a certain number of those Unity Tree stamps available? I sure hope they went on sale this morning. Wouldn’t it be great if they were FREE! I hope I hope I hope there are still some available when I get home from work tonight. Ooooh, the beautiful things I will be able to create with this marvelous tree stamp. I must have it. I can’t live without it.” Then suddenly, POP! My bubble burst and I was sitting across from someone and realized I had no earthly idea what she had just said to me. I searched her eyes to see if the look on my face betrayed me. I Panicked! Quick, think of something intelligent to say! I saw that she was so nervous about her interview that she hadn’t even noticed that I had floated off into some other sphere thinking of this grand and glorious Unity Tree Stamp. I shuffled through her application paperwork and said, “Ahem, tell me why I should hire you for this job.” Life returned to calm order.